STM Training Courses

STM run two levels of training courses related to journal publishing - an Elementary level course and an Advanced level course.

The table below sets out a comparison between the two levels of courses:

Please note, the Advanced level course was previously run as the ‘Intensive Course in Journal publishing’. The format, topics and suggested ability prerequisites remain the same. 


Elementary Journal Course

Advanced Journal Course


Receive an in-depth overview and understanding of all concepts, aspects, terms, approaches used within scientific journal publishing.

Being able to run and develop a (set of) journal(s) on a daily basis.

Being able to apply all aspects of scientific journal publishing in a broad and multi-facetted context.

Being able to develop a set of journals over a number of years.

Being able to lead a society pitch for the creation, development and acquisition of a (society) journal.

Target Audience

Those who are relatively new to scientific journal publishing.

Individuals with a few years experience within publishing and are running a number of journals or want to transition to journals publishing.


Basis, interactive, elementary, cultural awareness, application.

Running a portfolio, in-depth, case-study, pitching, cultural knowledge, negotiating, contracts.


Topic based lectures (70%) with small case studies per topic. individual contribution.

Topic based lectures (40%) with large, complex case study and pitch. Group contribution.





3 days, 2 nights

4 days, 3 nights


London (mid May)

Hong Kong (late October)

Singapore (early March)